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Opening Tuesday
May 19

Re-Opening Plan

1. Clients must pre-register online to reserve their spots. CLICK HERE for a video on how to check availability and register for classes.

     a. Clients must cancel at least 2 hours prior to the start of class in order not to be charged, this can be done easily with the Heat Yoga app. We strongly recommend you download it so you have easy access to your account and instant updates from us. If you missed the information on how to access your account please scroll down for detailed instructions.
     b. Clients that do not early cancel or who no show will be charged for the class by use of a punch pass, paid walk in or no show fee. 
c. If a client has an unlimited plan, the payment method on file will be charged a $15 fee for missing class due to the fact that they have taken a space that another client could have had. 
   d. If classes continuously do not have the max number of participants, these offerings will be evaluated for possible cancellation. Please pre-register for the classes you wish to attend to let us know what offerings you want to see remain on the schedule.

2. The Studio will only be open 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class. This is especially important to note on days where there are back to back classes. This shortening of the admittance time will allow us to properly sanitize between classes. If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, you will be expected to wait outside or in your car. 

3. Spots will be marked on the floor where a mat will need to go in order to maintain a healthy distance from your neighbor. Individual spots are not reservable.

4. Space will be very limited due to the distancing guidelines. It is also encouraged that cleaning up after class is done at home as the amount of clients allowed in the locker room at one time will be limited. 

5. Minors (under 18)  will only be allowed to attend with specific written permission from their parent or guardian (this does NOT mean our standard waiver). This can be emailed or sent with the minor if they are attending class without their parent or guardian. Please make sure to take care of this for your child as they will be charged the no show fee if they are turned away for not having this at the start time of the class.

6. There will be no shared props, mat or towel rentals, AND NO SWEAT/FACE TOWELS in the studio. Please bring or purchase your own for the foreseeable future. (ALL these items will be available for purchase at both locations) The ability to refill your water bottle will not be available for the time being. Please bring a full bottle of water or purchase in the studio. 

7. Common surfaces will be regularly cleaned and sanitized by our staff. This includes : Door handles, light switches, counter tops, faucet handles, and ballet barres. We will be using a non-toxic EPA registered disinfectant called Oxivir TB.

8. We understand that with limited class sizes, not everyone will be able to attend nor will some patrons feel safe and comfortable coming back at this time.

     a. We will still be offering live streamed classes in a slightly different format to accommodate patrons who cannot return at this time.
The live classes that are taking place will be live streamed to other patrons. UNTIL THE END OF MAY THESE WILL STILL BE FREE. STARTING JUNE 1, THESE WILL BE PAID ONLY so starting June 1, clients must pre register through wellness living or our app in order to get access to the live stream. This will ensure that only clients of Heat Yoga will be able to view the live stream and these classes will NOT be uploaded to YouTube in order to maintain your privacy during your practice. 
     b. Paid virtual sessions will also ensure that we are able to keep a good number of classes on the schedule for your access. A fine balance between payroll and attendance must be kept in order to make sure we make it through this together. 
     c. A discounted class pass is available for purchase for virtual classes. They are in increments of 5 classes due to the fact that we do not know how long this will last. The cost is $40 ($8/class) and can be used for any virtual classes but are not valid for in studio/in person classes. There is no expiration date on these class passes. Click Here to purchase your virtual class pass. 

     e. There is still access to a library of over 100 recorded yoga classes for free on our YouTube Channel. The videos will remain on our channel indefinitely. Click here to view and subscribe.

9. Your instructor MAY NOT be wearing a mask (this will be based on her preference). If you wish to wear a mask during class, please be extra diligent about listening to your body. This may cause dizziness and faster overheating due to the heat, decreased oxygen intake and the vigorous movement.

'Compared with normal breathing, wearing any kind of protective mask decreases the flow of air into your lungs, Scott McAfee, physical therapist and orthopedic specialist at MovementX, tells CNET. Less oxygen in your lungs means less oxygen in your bloodstream and your working muscles, which is what makes training more difficult. 
"Different masks have varying levels of airflow restriction, depending on the thickness of the material," McAfee says. "With less air, your body has less available oxygen to utilize during exercise to convert glucose [sugar] into energy." McAfee says that anyone, even those who have a relatively high level of fitness, should expect to fatigue faster when exercising with a face mask…”'

10. North Liberty is already equipped with an Air Scrubber to help eliminate contaminants in the air and on surfaces and Cedar Rapids will have one installed the morning of May 20th.. The benefits include:

  • Purifies air, removes VOCs, and significantly reduces dust particles and odors without using ozone

  • Reduces exposure to common bacteria and viruses and their effects upon your health and wellness

  • Protects against allergy and asthma triggering contaminants and respiratory issues which may lead to health problems

  • Effective against MRSA, E. coli and other illness causing bacteria and viruses

Click Here for more information on this technology. 

11. Radiant heating is a much cleaner form of heating than forced air systems (furnace units). Both locations are equipped with radiant heating which will cut down on particulates being circulated through the air with traditional HVAC systems. In the shared common space, the air scrubber will be in place to help maintain air quality and surface cleanliness.

12. Your health matters and so does the health of our community. Please continue to practice good hand washing habits and stay home if you feel ill or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. We will do our best to still provide classes virtually until we can open at full capacity. 

13. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through any bugs that may arise with this new way of doing business. Your support has not gone unnoticed. ~Namaste~


Preparation for


We are busy preparing for our return to the studio!!  We are planning layouts for the classroom to keep safe distances and cleaning and sanitizing routines. Along with the preparation we are doing, we also NEED YOUR HELP!

PRE-REGISTRATION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR CLASSES WHEN WE RE-OPEN. In order for you to be able to pre-register, we need you to update your profile with all of your correct information including log in credentials. It is recommended that you do this prior to the opening of the studio so that you can seamlessly register for the classes you wish to take. If you already know your login information, skip to step 6.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION OR NEVER CREATED IT PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.

STEP 1 : Click Here

STEP 2 : No matter whether you have created a password and forgotten it or if you have never created a password, this step is the same. Click on "Forgot Password" link above the password box. DO NOT CLICK ON "SIGN UP". Since you are receiving our emails, you already have an account in our system. (If you have more than one account in our system please email Beth to merge the accounts. Indicate which email you would like to use as your primary contact) ***If you have NEVER been into the studio for yoga, massage or floating, you may use the SIGN UP link.

STEP 3 : Enter the email address into the box from which you received this email. (If you wish to use another email, you may update that in your profile when updating your profile information). 

STEP 4 : Retrieve the email from your inbox (make sure to check your spam/junk folder) and click on the Reset Password button.

STEP 5 : After you create your password, you will be automatically logged into your account. Click on the silhouette in the upper right hand corner and "My Profile" from the drop down menu.

STEP 6 : Update name, phone number, or email address under "Profile" tab. Update current billing information under "Billing" tab. See active packages under "Passes & Memberships" tab. 


You MUST have an active package to be able to pre-register for classes. IF YOU PLACED YOUR MEMBERSHIP ON HOLD, YOU MUST EMAIL BETH TO TAKE THE HOLD OFF IN ORDER TO PRE-REGISTER.  

Student/First Responder Pricing: Discounted pricing for these categories is not available online. If you qualify for a discounted package, update your payment information online and then email or call Beth (319-665-2635) to advise which package you wish to purchase.


In addition to updating your login information and profile, we STRONGLY recommend downloading our FREE app! It makes reserving classes and cancelling reservations a breeze! 


Our Live Stream classes and recordings are donation based until May 30. Starting June 1, pre-registration is required for live stream classes. Click Here to get a special virtual class pass : 5 Classes for only $40! Our YouTube Channel is FREE and will remain available indefinitely!


Live Stream Classes

Class type/teacher subject to change

Monday 930 AM

Monday 12 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Melicia

Monday 6 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Jillian

Tuesday 930 AM

Heat Yoga Level 2 w/ Amber

Tuesday 12 PM

Pilates w/ Jen

Tuesday 415 PM

Heat Barre w/ Catherine

Tuesday 545 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Beth

Wednesday 930 AM

Heat Yoga Level 2 w/ Catherine

Wednesday 715 PM

Candlelight Vinyasa w/ Ally

Thursday 930 AM

Heat Strengthening Level 2 w/ Ally

Thursday 545 PM

Heat Yoga Level 1.5 w/ Beth

Friday 930 AM

PiYoga w/ Catherine

Friday 12 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Melicia

Saturday 8 AM

PiYoga w/ TBA

Saturday 930 AM

Beginner Yoga w/ TBA


Advanced Vinyasa w/ Jen

Saturday 1 PM 

5/23, 6/6 & 6/13

Yin Yoga w/ Lynn

Sunday 8 AM

Heat Yoga Level 2 w/ Amber


Sunday 5 PM

Level 1.5 w/ TBA

The same link will be used for all live stream classes. The instructor will log in 15-30 min prior to the start of the class to greet you. Please click below to join us for these FREE community classes.



Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, we have classes for you! Click on any offering to get a description of the class!


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Founded in Cedar Rapids in 2013, Heat Yoga Studio & Spa's mission has been to create a wellness oasis to encourage healthy habits of self care and self love. In 2018 the North Liberty location opened to help spread this mission throughout the corridor. 


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