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Heat Yoga 7 Day Challenge

Only 7 days and a chance to wind an free yoga package!

Day 1 : My favorite pose in my favorite pajamas

Day 2 : I feel powerful when I do this pose.

Day 3 : How I practice yoga off my mat (service to others, meditation, video chat with a friend in need, donation of time or items)

Day 4 : When my instructor cues this pose I say $&*%$# in my head

Day 5 : This yoga pose gives me bliss

Day 6 : I learn a lot about myself when I do this pose

Day 7 : This is how I nourish myself to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy

*Take a picture that represents the theme of the day

*Post it to instagram or facebook and use hashtag #heatyogachallenge

*Tag @heatyogacr & 5 friends to encourage them to join!

Starting April 1


Our Live Stream classes and recordings are donation based until we are able to reopen. If you wish to support the studio with a donation: buy a gift card, donate via venmo, or Email Beth to use your package for virtual class.


Live Stream Classes


Friday 930 AM

All Levels Vinyasa w/ Catherine

Friday 12 PM

All Levels Vinyasa w/ Gloria

Friday 6 PM

Level 2 w/ Betsy

Saturday 8 AM

PiYoga w/ Betsy

Saturday 930 AM

Beginner Yoga w/ Betsy

Saturday 1 PM

Advanced Vinyasa w/ Betsy

Sunday 8 AM

Exploring Ashtanga w/ Catherine

Sunday 12 PM

Barre w/ Jen

Sunday 5 PM

Gentle Yoga w/ Lynn

Monday 930 AM

Mantra Monday w/ Ally

Monday 12 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Lynn

Monday 6 PM

Yin Yoga w/ Betsy

Tuesday 930 AM

Solar Vinyasa Flow w/ Ally

Tuesday 12 PM

Pilates w/ Jen

Tuesday 6 PM

Level 1.5 w/ Beth

The same link will be used for all live stream classes. The instructor will log in 15-30 min prior to the start of the class to greet you. Please click below to join us for these FREE community classes.


Temporarily Closed

March 28, 2020

There are not sufficient words in the english language to express the amount of love I feel and the amount of gratitude I have for your continued support. It is a humbling experience to ask for help when everyone is suffering through the same situation.

I have been faced with adversity in my past and hindsight is always 20/20. However, the one thing that I have learned from looking at my past trials and tribulations is that in every situation I have been supported by the universe. This may be through "chance" happenings that lead me to the path that I am meant to be on or the lesson that I am meant to learn, or by the amazing generosity of my members and community. But in the end things always work out the way they should.

In yoga philosophy there is a term for surrendering to the will of the Universe: Ishvara Pranidhana. Whatever your belief system, it is a connection to a higher vibration that reminds us there is something larger than the individual. When I look at what is going on amidst the pandemic, I see this greater vibration. I see the willingness of humanity to reach out and support one another in a common time of crisis. I see the increased awareness of what we are truly capable of as a human race. And I see society moving toward self realization through selfless acts of supporting one another. Amidst all the suffering I see beauty and goodness. Thank you for sharing your Light. I will be forever grateful for your generosity and support.

With that being said, I honor and support each individual's needs with regards to personal finances. While we have humbly asked for your support through continuing your membership, we do have options to place your membership on hold if you need. Please email Beth with any requests, questions, or concerns.

I see your Light,

Beth McClelland

On Thursday March 26, Governor Reynolds extended the mandated closing to April 7 of non-essential businesses which includes yoga studios (even though most of us would argue the use of the word 'non-essential' for yoga)


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Founded in Cedar Rapids in 2013, Heat Yoga Studio & Spa's mission has been to create a wellness oasis to encourage healthy habits of self care and self love. In 2018 the North Liberty location opened to help spread this mission throughout the corridor. 



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