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Do you want to impact others in a positive way ? Are you interested in learning more to enhance your own life and yoga practice?

Join Catherine and Beth for this transformative journey through yoga asana and philosophy. Learn what the ancient texts say about the path to spiritual enlightenment. Delve deep into the structure of the human body and how it moves through space. Whether you want to learn to teach others or to improve yourself, this training will guide you in the right direction. 

You will learn:

  • Yoga History & Philosophy

  • How the physical postures feel in your body

  • Different styles and types of Yoga 

  • Yoga Anatomy & Introduction to Biomechanics

  • How to intuitively sequence a class & Find your own voice

  • How to cue poses with safe alignment & muscular activation

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques & Practices

  • The business of yoga: as an instructor and a studio owner

  • And More


Guide vs Teacher:  

  You may have noticed that in the past our yoga training program was called  “200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training” but now it is called “200 Hour Foundational Yoga Guide Training”, and you may be wondering: Why the change?

  This shift has evolved through some self reflection that was sparked by teacher Indu Arora. In a training that I was doing, Indu spoke to this topic of 200 hour “teacher training” programs and the implications of such a title. Yoga is a sacred discipline that stretches back a few thousand years and has an abundance of valuable knowledge that you can use to transform your life and the lives of those around you. The yogic path is one of internal self reflection and many of the concepts that the ancient scriptures teach can only be fully realized when experienced, not through study and reading. This path of self-study takes many lifetimes over and much longer than 200 hours. To imply that one will be qualified to “teach” this ancient, sacred discipline is improper, especially considering when you tap into your intuition, you are your best teacher. It is with all of this in mind that Catherine and I decided to change the title to “200 Hour Foundational Yoga Guide Training”. We want to soften the amount of pressure that a graduate feels when coming out of the program and instill a sense of humility to honor the fact that we continue to remain students of these teachings until we reach self-realization. 

  Catherine and I are humbled that we have been called to provide this training and have compiled an extensive curriculum to provide each participant with the information necessary to begin to guide yourself and others through the yoga journey. This journey is not only for those that wish to guide others. This program is also very well structured if you wish to learn more about the history, philosophical roots, and alignment principles of the physical practice, utilizing all of this knowledge to be your own best guide. Catherine and I believe that learning should be a lifelong endeavor. To be the best guide you can be for yourself and others, we encourage you to continue your journey of knowledge absorption for many years after this foundational training. 

Light & Love, 

Beth & Catherine


"I was very hesitant to sign up for YTT because I didn't feel I was 'experienced' enough to go through the program. I am so thankful I decided to go for it. I learned so much about myself and this beautiful community. If you are even considering advice would be to go for it! It has brought so many wonderful people and life changing moments into my life. If you felt called to just looking into it, there's a reason you did. Do this for you! You will be so grateful you did!"


“The Yoga Teacher Training at Heat was life changing for me. There is so much more to Yoga than I ever knew. It’s more about a way of life, the best way of life really, and less about moving your body. When your mind and soul connect with your body, that’s where true happiness lies. This training program laid out the path to my most blissful self, and I am forever grateful for the experience.”



"My yoga teacher training with Heat Yoga was life changing!  Not only do I have so much more confidence in my physical practice, but I’m also completely inspired by the whole yogic philosophy.  I highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested.  You’ll most certainly find what you’re looking for."


"Our class experience has been such a gift to me!   It helped to get a better foundation for my practice for sure but it’s so much more.   The healing and change that came with our time together was life changing to be honest! "


“This program is more than I could have ever imagined! I feel that every day I am reflecting back on my learnings  to better myself, my practice, and whatever I feel needs shedding light onto my students. This has been an enormous influence on my well-being, my personal growth, and an enlightenment on my own journey, both personally and as a teacher!”


"This was an incredible, life changing experience for me. After this program I found me. Truly me. I ended up becoming my own boss in the world, had a closer connection to self, source and my son. Overall I would highly recommend it for anymore who wants to find there souls purpose."


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