Salt Water Floating

Relaxation & Meditation

Float stress, aches and pains away in our tanks filled with 900 pounds of epsom salt. This therapy combines the benefits of epsom salt with sensory deprivation for a relaxing and clearing experience that is like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : What do I wear in the float tank?

A : We recommend you float nude to get the full sensory deprivation experience. If you are more comfortable wearing your bathing suit, that's ok too!

Q : I just recently dyed my hair. Can I still float?

A : We ask that you wait at least 2 weeks after dying your hair to float. If the pigment is dark and you still see dye coming out when you wash your hair, you will need to wait longer than 2 weeks. Please call if you have questions. 

Q : What if I'm a little claustrophobic?

A : The pods are larger than most people think. Inside the pod is 7 ft. long, 4 ft wide and 4.5 ft tall. Also, you have control over the lid. You can open it at any time. If you still feel a little enclosed, you may leave the lid open. Just let us know so that we can turn up the heat so you don't get cold. 

Q : Will I REALLY float?!

A : YES! There are 900 pound of epsom salt in the pod. Anyone of any size will float. 

Q : What if I can't swim?

A : The pod is only filled with a few inches of water so when you sit in the bottom, the water will generally come up to your waist. Then, when you lean back, you will float without effort. There is no need to know how to swim. 

Q : I don't like to have water in my ears. How can I avoid that?

A : We provide single use ear plugs if you prefer not to have water in your ears. If you don't mind, the salt water will not hurt you, even if it gets in your ears. 

Q : Do I need to wear goggles?

A : No, your head will float so that your face is above water. You will want to be careful not to drip water in your eyes because it will sting. But there will be a spray bottle and wash cloth in the pod in case you need to flush your eyes. 

Q : I'm not sure I'll be able to shut my brain off. Do I have to have it dark and silent?

A : NO! This is YOUR experience. We have options for you to have relaxing music during the float and you can turn the lights and music on and off from buttons inside the pod. 

Q : Do I need to bring anything?

A : We have pretty much everything for you to shower and float. If you use any skin or hair care products after you shower, you may want to bring those for after your float. 

Q : Can I float when I'm pregnant?

A : YES! After clearing it with your doctor, floating can be an amazing experience for you. The water is less than core body temperature (94-96 degrees). The weightlessness will give your spine and joints some relief and you can spend some uninterrupted time with baby in an environment much like theirs.