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New to Heat Yoga?

Here are some helpful hints

  • Arrive early or on time. The exterior doors of the studio are locked at the start time of the class to ensure there is no disruption and patron's possessions are secure. If you are late, you will be locked out. The studio doors are open 15 minutes prior to the start of the class.

  • Leave your digital devices outside the classroom. You carved time out of your day for YOU. This is time of no distractions, no obligations, and no to do lists. So just put it on silent, right? Not so fast. For many (if not all), yoga class is a chance to escape the digital addictions and distractions we face in everyday life, offering you a rare chance to be fully present. By bringing your phone to class (even on silent!), you’re distracting yourself and those around you. Expecting an important call or a do-or-die text? Consider skipping class altogether, and returning when you can fully focus.

  • Only bring what you need to practice yoga into the classroom space. There is an abundance of space in the common areas where you can put your bag and other personal items. Please limit what you bring into the classroom to : mat, towel, water, and yoga props. When the classroom space is free of clutter, it helps our minds to also be free of clutter.  

  • When you enter through the front doors, please take off your shoes before leaving the foyer. We do class barefoot, so this helps keep yucky stuff off the floor in the common areas of the studio.

  • The classroom is a quiet space. We encourage you to get to know your fellow yogis, but please keep conversations in the lobby or locker room. 

  • Please be aware of scents on your person and possessions. This includes both pleasant smells (like perfumes) and not so pleasant smells (like musty mat towels). Any scent is intensified in the classroom as things heat up, get damp and the pores open up. Intense scents can be disruptive and sometimes cause adverse effects in your neighbors, like headaches, so please just be mindful.

  • Most people bring their own mat and towel. However, if you don't have one yet or you forget yours, they are available for rent. We also sell yoga mats and towels. Please ask your instructor about their favorite mat!

    • Mat rental : $2​

    • Mat towel rental : $2

    • Shower towel rental : $2

    • Face towel rental : $1

  • Clean up: if you borrow the studios blocks, sanitize them and leave them on the drying shelf. If you borrow a strap, roll it back up the way you found it. If you borrow a mat, spray it and hang it on the barre to dry. 

  • Can't stay for savasana? We all get it. Time is short, your schedule is tight, and your day is packed with need-tos and to-dos. But many of your classmates live for savasana, and by packing up and shuffling out during the most meditative and restful stage of the entire class, you’re disrupting everyone else and denying yourself the benefits.The traditional benefits of savasana claim to restore your nervous system to its default settings and offer your mind a chance to sink into meditation. But above all, it’s a rare chance for you to do nothing for a few minutes. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and feel the weight of your body against the floor. It’s your own little R&R opportunity. Take it. Absolutely, positively have to leave class early? Let your teacher know before class, position yourself close to the door, and be sure to leave before savasana begins. When it’s time to leave, pack up and scoot out as quietly as you can.

  • Make sure you check in for class at the front desk. 

  • Please be mindful of your reservations and the space you are taking up in the classroom. We request that you please cancel reservations you can't make 12 hours in advance in order to give another person an opportunity to have that spot. 

  • Listen to your body. We are all unique in our own ways and each day is going to be a different experience. Only YOU know how it feels within your body. We encourage you to take breaks whenever you need and drink water whenever you need. And, yes, laying on your mat in savasana for the entire class IS allowed! =)

  • Respect your fellow yogis. We are all doing our best and working through our journey. Everyone's journey is going to be different, so please leave judgement, criticism and unkind words at the door (this includes judgement, criticism an unkind words about yourself)

  • HAVE FUN!! It's just yoga. No need to take it too seriously. ;)

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