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Summer Harmony : Part III

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Summer is the season of the heart and the fire element

The fire element is associated with the third chakra: Manipura (solar plexus).  The fire element and the third chakra express qualities of transformation; mobility, motivation, ambition, and courage. Manipura is a reflection of your connection with yourself. Bringing awareness to when you need to strengthen or diminish this energy will bring balance to your internal flame.

To cultivate and nourish your internal fire: Practice sun salutations outside in the sunlight. The movement will ignite your core. Allow the extra daylight to be a time of motivation and action to meet your personal goals.

To bring balance and harmony to your internal fire: Practice lateral yoga poses like side angle pose, gate pose, or triangle pose to dissipate internal heat. Take time to simply relax, nap, or enjoy a refreshing swim! Water will balance your fire.

Invigorated by the element of fire, the heart is also in full energetic bloom during the summer season. The heart is the fourth chakra: Anahata. Anahata expresses qualities of love, kindness, compassion, and intimacy. Be conscious of nurturing and tempering the heart center while enjoying summer blessings.

To cultivate and nourish the heart: Practice heart opening yoga poses like cobra, camel, or wild thing. Drink an iced herbal preparation of hawthorn, hibiscus, and mint. Hawthorn has been known in many cultures to provide toning benefits to the physical and energetic heart.

To bring balance and harmony to the heart: Take time for reflection and devotion to your spiritual practice. Your spiritual practice may be anything that allows you to feel a genuine connection to your true self and the collective, unconscious presence of the universe. Be kind to yourself.

Creation energy in the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, is associated with sexuality, creation, and your connection to others. Summer is a time when we are traditionally at the height of our social lives; going to concerts, barbecues, and festivals. We are craving connections with others as a means to gratify our surging creative energies. Creation energy can be understood as the biological impulse to reproduce, or as the drive to embark on a creative endeavor.

To cultivate and nourish your creative energy: Practice hip-opening yoga poses like lizard, goddess, and warrior II to open the sacral chakra. Also, focus some attention on nourishing your crown chakra, Sahasrara, through meditation as a way to cultivate inspiration. Finding inspiration will help to direct your creative energies, and the fire element of summer will transform your inspiration and creativity into substance.

To bring balance and harmony to your creative energy: Take quiet time to meditate and be still. Allow yourself to just be. The creation energy in our sacral chakra tends to keep us moving and grooving. Slow down!

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