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Be the Miracle

“God works in mysterious ways.” This quote has been around for a long time, yet I’m not sure that much dissection of this quote ever really takes place. When something happens, usually something good, it is just one of those things that comes out of the mouth without much thought. But what does that actually mean? I believe that if we take a closer look at this sentiment, a deeper sense of gratitude and respect for the human race and its propensity toward kindness can be more greatly appreciated.

There are many stories in which an individual finds themself in a precarious situation of eminent drowning. In each of the versions, the drowning individual is sent three different chances to get out of the water; sometimes different forms of boats, sometimes something as extravagant as a helicopter. But in all the stories, the person denies the help and exclaims, “God will save me.” When I hear this story, my first response is, “What in the heck does this person expect...the clouds to open up, angels to sing and a beam of light to come down and extract them from the water?” When it’s put that way, it just seems a little ridiculous. However, many times when our prayers are answered, we neglect to see the answer to our prayers because it is not in the form of some preconceived idea of a biblical miracle.

I challenge you to think of a time when your life shifted in a big way because of something small that someone else did for you. A kind word, help in a time of need. How was your life impacted by that small, kind gesture?

Now, I challenge you to be the change in someone else’s life. Volunteer. Donate. Pay a compliment. Give encouragement. Lift others up instead of tearing them down. And then the next time you hear “God works in mysterious ways” know that you were the answer to someone else’s prayer, the vessel for the miracle.

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